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Navigation Light Systems

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A navigation light is a colored source of illumination on a waterborne vessel, aircraft and some spacecraft, used to signal a craft's position, heading, and status. Commonly, their placement is mandated by IALA or local maritime city authorities.

Navigation lighting systems include:

Right-of-way lights — A red light is mounted on the left or port side of the craft and a green on the right or starboard side. In a situation where the paths of two watercraft or aircraft cross, these lights help each crew determine the other craft's direction and who has right-of-way. When two craft have crossing paths, each sees a red or green running light. The one on the port side of the other, which must yield right of way, sees red, while the one on the starboard side of the other, which has right of way, sees green. All marine navigation beacons are available as per IALA and Local Maritime City standards and regulations.

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