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Helipad Lighting

RPCT do supply of for complete helipad lighting for permanent and portable helipad touchdown and lift off zones.

Airport Lighting

RPCT do supply of Runway, Taxiway Lights, CCRs, PAPI, Guidance Signs, Distance Markers, Isolation Transformers and Primary & Secondary Connectors. More Details...

Aircraft Warning Lighting

RPCT do Supply, Testing Commissioning and Maintenance of Aircraft Warning Lighting System includes Solar Lights for Buildings, Tower Cranes, Wind Turbines and Telecommunication Towers. More Details...

Street & Garden Lighting

RPCT do supply of Street and Garden Lighting, includes Garden Spot Light, Panel Light, Corn Light, Exit Signs, Solar Traffic Light and Trailor with Message Board. More Details...

General Lighting

RPCT do supply of General and Decorative Lighting, Flood Lights, Spotlights, Underwater Light, Ceiling Light and Chandliers. More details

Welcome to RPCT - Supplier of Lighting Products and Cables

RPCT (R.P Canadian Trading) is specialized in supplying Lighting products and Cables who offers best products. Many options to choose with best quality. For Enquiries Contact Us Now. “ Be rest assured on the Quality and Excellence of Service ”

RPCT (R.P Canadian Trading)- Who We Are


Initiated as a Trading Company in 2012, R. P. Canadian Trading (RPCT) offers high performance all type of Cables and Lighting Fixtures includes,

  • Helipad Lights
  • Windcones
  • Windsocks
  • Portable Lights
  • Lamps
  • Solar Portable Airfield / Helipad Lighting System
  • Aircraft Warning Lights
  • Beacons
  • Solar Lights
  • Solar Portable LED Windcone
  • Visual Aids
  • General Lighting
  • Airport Lights
  • Approach Lights
  • Signs/Distance Marker
  • Connectors & Transformers
  • Airfield Lamps
  • Street Lighting & Signs
  • Solar Message Sign Board (New Product)

RPCT do Testing & Commissioning and Maintenance of Aircraft Warning Lighting System and Helipad Lighting System.

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