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Helipad Lighting

Supplier of Helipad Light

Welcome to RPCT, the leading supplier of most comprehensive and innovative Helipad Lighting Systems in the world. We do supply for Hospitals, Business and the Marine industry worldwide. We do supply for ships and offshore oil rigs where ultra light weight and immunity from corrosion are essential.

Our products meet and exceed aviation standards of the recognized authorities’ world wide. Check out our Lighting System Products Category.

Our commitment to designing and supply a durable, high quality product with meticulous attention to detail has become the industry standard. We work closely with pilots, architects and contractors to help design the safest, most cost effective helipad available.

Lighting System Products Includes:

  • Surface Flood Lights
  • Perimeter Lights
  • Directional Approach Lights
  • Beacons (Single and 3-color units)
  • Radio Control
  • Windcone Assembly
  • Visual Approach Slope Indicator (VASI)
  • Solar Lights & Windcones


  • Obtain Civil Aviation NOC
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Maintenance

* All services and products are fully insured.

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